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              We at Samsan Energies Limited provide full support to the Solar Power Production by manufacturing the essential components for the solar plants like Solar Inverter, LED and also other essential materials which are required for the power production. We not only manufacture solar Inverter we also install them at the customer’s premises and we manufacture different solar Inverters & Structure for mounting panels as per the customer’s requirement and the place’s demand. We also offer windmills for power production along with windmill components and accessories.

              “WE KILL DARKNESS” we are on the verge to support our people, our state, our country in order to manipulate and overcome the power demand and also produce power through solar. Our ultimate aim as our motto says we will achieve it by rendering our service to all nook and corners in our country and eradicate the power demand and will contribute to improve our economy.

              As Solar power PV integrator we design, build, and install complete PV systems for particular applications by matching components from various manufacturers. We Samsan Energy  take pride in contributing to help resolve the world’s energy problems by accelerating the adoption of renewable energy solutions, and helping to reduce the world’s dependence on Fossil Fuels and slow down Global Warming.

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Vision & Mission

  • We contribute to the design of a more sustainable world by utilizing renewable Fuels. Our team is committed to excellence in every aspect of Alternative/Renewable Energy system design, construction and installation. We are helping the New Green Economy by hiring and training a new generation of ‘’Green collar workers’’ which will help build a world free of traditional dependence on foreign oil as well it’s all its geopolitical consequences.
  • we try to make innovation in our products, services and environment-specific solutions thereby providing more renewable energy – worldwide which will be economical and green.

Samsan energy Pvt Ltd

  • Complete Green & renewable Energy Solutions
  • Experts in Domestic /Commercial Solar Installations
  • 30% Subsidy for all solar installations

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